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Green Waste

Cut trees or shrubs, remove weeds or care for the beds. Every gardening leaves waste. Especially in spring and autumn there is a lot of green waste that does not fit in the household waste for reasons of space or cannot be composted. You can easily dispose of the garden waste with a Purpose Bag.

In the 3m³ garden waste Purpose Bag, about 750kg of green cut with six small trees fit.

Please note: by shredding the garden waste, the Purpose Bag can be completely filled!

The Purpose Bags are not only popular with small amounts of garden waste, but also with construction sites that have little space for containers.

Should there be large quantities and there is enough space for containers, it is worth ordering a garden waste container.

What is allowed in the Purpose Bag as green waste?

  • Tree branches and pruning
  • Shrub trimmings and clippings
  • Leaves and leaf litter
  • Twigs and small logs
  • Bark and wood chips
  • Untreated timber off-cuts
  • Sawdust and wood shavings
  • Garden weeds and plant debris
  • Hedge and shrub trimmings
  • Grass clippings and thatch
  • Flax and cabbage tree leaves
  • Small tree stumps and roots
  • Compostable garden waste
  • Plant cuttings and trimmings
  • Untreated wooden stakes and trellises
Purpose Bag advantages: