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Refund and Returns Policy

Our terms and conditions are designed to ensure your waste is dealt with in the safest and most efficient way possible. By purchasing or using Purpose Fill’s products or services you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

If you have any questions please call us at 0800 50 10 20 or email [email protected]

1. Ordering / Exchanging A Bag
● Bags can be ordered/replaced by online bookings on our website, emailing or calling.

2. Payment
● Online payments to Purpose Fill Ltd 38-9022-0385-627-01
● Please use the invoice number as a reference
● Payment for all invoices is due on or before delivery of the bag or otherwise agreed in writing with Purpose Fill.
● If payment is overdue the customer will pay to Purpose Fill interest on any overdue payment at the rate of 10% per
a month from the date that payment was due until payment in full is received by Purpose Fill.
● If payment is overdue Purpose Fill Limited may in addition to other remedies cancel or suspend the customer’s entitlement to credit and require payment in cash for the provision of services or withhold the supply of services until all sums owing to Purpose Fill Limited have been paid.

3. Period Of Hire

● Bags can be kept on-site as long as needed. No hire term applies. Once you are ready for the bag to be collected please call us at 0800 50 10 20 or email [email protected].

4. Prohibited Waste Materials

● Please see section 8.
● If prohibited or conditional items are placed in your Purpose Bag, additional charges may apply.


● NZTA rules require that bags must NOT be filled past the top of the bag
● Dusty products must be bagged
● Please do NOT put the bag in a position where our truck can’t access the bag. Any costs related to damage or our driver being unable to pick up a bag will be passed on to the customer.
● Do NOT light fires in the bag or place anything in the bag that may cause a fire.
● Service charges will apply to bags that are unable to be collected due to excess weight, obstruction, hazards, or any other reason our drivers may deem it unsafe to be removed.

6. Weight Limits

● Weight limits apply. Excess weight charges apply to bags weighing over their specified limits. The weight allowance for a Purpose Bag is 750kg. We charge 20 cents per kg for any weight over the weight allowance.

7. Service Charges

● We cover the whole Waikato region. A service charge will apply to areas outside of our normal service range. If you need a list of our current charges please get in touch with us. [email protected]

8. Accepted And Unaccepted Wastes

Purpose Fill offers the Purpose Bag for the removal and disposal of certain types of building and construction waste, and household waste. You must use, and load, the Purpose Bag in a safe and secure manner and as explained in the guidelines and instructions, Please visit Purpose Fill’s website (https://purposefill.co.nz/purpose-bags)

You must only use the Purpose Bag as permitted in the Instructions. These include the materials permitted to be placed in the Purpose Bag and those which must not be added to the bag.

You are responsible for all material placed in the Purpose Bag and for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The Purpose Bag is a single-use product and ownership shall vest in Purpose Fill upon collection of the Purpose Bag. Except as expressly set out in these Terms, Purpose Fill has no obligation, express or implied, to provide additional services or products to You, including but not limited to loading, collecting or disposal of the Purpose Bag. The Purpose Bag will not be returned to You after it has been removed.

8.1 Acceptable Wastes

● Plasterboard and Gibraltar board
● Concrete, concrete blocks or bricks
● Site clearance and excavation materials (including soils, clays, rocks, tree stumps)
● Roofing products (corrugated iron, steel, clay tiles, steel coated tiles)
● Fiberglass
● Wallpaper, lining paper or building paper
● Formica, laminex, parquet
● Vehicle tires, and rubber (up to a maximum of 1% per load)
● Boric-treated sawn timber
● Treated and Untreated sawn timber
● Flooring products (carpet and underlay, vinyl/linoleum, cork tiles, clay tiles)
● Wire, wire rope, wire netting
● Textiles
● Softboard, hardboard, particle board, plywood
● Non-recyclable glass
● Roading materials and asphalt
● Non-recyclable steel or aluminum fittings (cable track, spouting)
● Cleanfill material, as defined in these consents
● Plastic materials and items associated with construction and demolition activities (including plastic bags, pipes,

guttering, building wrap)

8.2 Unacceptable \ Prohibited Wastes

● Mixed municipal; waste water
● Paints, Varnishes, solvents or other similar products and their containers
● Biohazard, medical or veterinary materials and wastes of any description
● Grease trap or stormwater cesspit wastes
● Pesticides herbicides or other agricultural or horticultural chemical or animal remedies and their containers
● Fuel and lubricant products (petrol, diesel, kerosene, oil, grease)
● Coal fines
● Waste products requiring special treatment (sanitary products and nappies)
● Bulk liquids or sludges
● Ash from boilers or incinerators
● Contaminated solid or road sweepings
● Bulk used plastics (including silage wrap or chemical containers)
● Odorous/noxious wastes
● Human effluent or sludges
● Any material resulting from waste treatment processes
● Asbestos
● Insulation products containing asbestos products
● Putrescible waste, including vegetable wastes, offal or animal carcasses Agricultural effluent or sludge Hazardous

substances (including explosive, oxidizing, flammable, corrosive, or toxic materials) Bulk food products Sawdust

9. Collection Services

Collection and disposal fees are included in the purchase price of the Purpose Bag if you choose to buy the combo.If you choose to purchase te bag only, you will be required to pay for the collection and disposal of the bag on or before pick up.

You must be 18 years of age to purchase a Collection Service on the telephone, and Purpose Fill reserves the right to decline orders on that basis.

10. Cancellation

You will be entitled to cancel or vary an order for a Collection Service provided that Purpose Fill receives notice of variation or cancellation no less than two (2) working days before the collection date under the order.

Purpose Fill reserves the right to cancel or vary any order if it is no longer able to provide the Collection Service set out in an order. In the event an order is canceled by Purpose Fill You will receive a refund of any money paid in advance for the canceled order.

11. Access For Collection

You will be responsible for providing free and suitable access for Purpose Fill’s personnel and their vehicles to and from Your premises for collection of the Purpose Bag and for ensuring suitable ground conditions for its removal.

No responsibility is accepted for damage to the surface of any area at the premises which Purpose Fill’s personnel is required to pass over to gain access to the Purpose Bag or to any pipes, cables or other fixtures beneath such access ways.

If Purpose Fill’s personnel are unable to obtain access to the Purpose Bag on the day of collection, or if the Purpose Bag is otherwise not available at the premises on that day, then unless Purpose Fill expressly agrees otherwise, no refund will be made to You and any later collection and disposal of the Purpose Bag will require a new Collection Service to be ordered and paid for by You.

12. Privacy

You authorise Purpose Fill to collect, retain and use personal information about You for the purpose of processing payment for any services which You purchase from Purpose Fill using the website. You have rights of access to and correction of any personal information that is held about You.

Under the Privacy Act 1993, You may request access to or correction of Your personal information held by Purpose Fill subject to payment of reasonable charges for compliance with any request for access to or correction of personal information.