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Wood waste is a common byproduct of home renovation projects and construction sites, whether it’s from natural wood, framing lumber, or formwork materials. The Purpose Bag from Purpose Fill provides a convenient and straightforward solution for properly disposing of this woody debris.

With its generous 3 cubic meter capacity, the Purpose Bag can hold around 5 standard pallets along with a full-size bed frame. Depending on the density of the wood, this translates to roughly 225-340 kg of material.

Acceptable wood materials for the Purpose Bag include :

  • Framing lumber (2×4, 2×6, etc.)
  • Plywood and OSB sheathing
  • Wood pallets and crates
  • Dimensional lumber (1×4, 1×6, etc.)
  • Engineered wood products (LVL, PSL, etc.)
  • Wood siding and trim
  • Treated and untreated wood
  • Natural wood scraps and cut-offs
  • Pressure-treated lumber
  • Wood furniture components
  • Particle board pieces
  • Timber and beam off-cuts
  • Wooden formwork materials
  • Hardwood and softwood types
  • Furniture wood components
  • Fencing and decking boards
  • Framing and structural lumber
  • Wood panels
  • Wooden shipping crates
  • Timber beams and posts
  • Wooden cabinetry pieces
  • Wooden crates and formwork
  • Dimensional lumber waste
  • Wood framing and truss components
  • Particle board scraps
  • Timber off-cuts
  • Branches
  • Roots of shrubs or smaller trees
Purpose Bag advantages: